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Tahoe Ski Resorts

Information about Tahoe Ski Resorts, Tahoe rentals such as hotels and cabins near resorts, as well as weather information on Tahoe ski resorts for your next trip to Tahoe resorts.

  Information About Tahoe Ski Resorts

Tahoe ski resorts are a great place to take a vacation, and Lake Tahoe and its surroundings is a beautiful place. Whether you are going Tahoe skiing during winter or fishing and hiking during summer, you are guaranteed a great outdoors experience at Tahoe.

Our site was created to help you with your next Tahoe trip. You can find information about Tahoe ski resorts, find rentals that would provide the best accomodations, and, of course, you need to know about Tahoe weather. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Tahoe Ski Resorts

Lake Tahoe is great during summer but when winter comes, there are few places in California and Nevada that offer the same winter experience as Tahoe Ski Resorts do. The temperature is never too low and there are lots of ski resorts to choose from.

There are 15 major ski resorts around lake Tahoe. Each ski resort has three types of trails: beginner (green), intermediate (blue), and advanced (black). We provide detailed information about each ski resort on our Tahoe Ski Resorts page.

If you are new to skiing, we highly recommend buying a beginner skiing or snowboarding package, which most of Tahoe ski resorts offer. You need to know how to steer and stop even before you start skiiking on the tahoe ski resorts. The skills you learn will help you quickly advance to blue and black trails later on. Also, which is very important, you will be less likely to get injured.

Prices for lift tickets vary widely, and full-day prices range anywhere from $20 to about $90. If you don't have your own gear, i.e. skis, ski shoes, and poles, expect to pay another $60 or so for them. If you are going to be skiing more than a couple of times a year, consider purchasing a season pass to the Tahoe ski resorts you like best. We also recommend visiting this Tahoe Ski Resorts website.

If you are not planning on bringing skiing gear, we recommend that you at least bring the following items with you: sunglasses, sun screen, chopstick, and a pair of walkie-talkies. Wireless reception is poor in most areas and if you are doing Tahoe skiing with a group, it will be easier to keep in touch on Tahoe ski resorts.